The world's top airbrush makeup master in Prague again!

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Acclaimed airbrush makeup artist DANIELE PACINI, known worldwide as The Airbrush Makeup Guru, will pass on his know-how and teach you all his airbrush tricks!

The Airbrush Makeup Guru

Daniele Pacini

"I will be sharing with you all my secrets and all my knowledge in order to empower you to take your Dinair skills to the next level and to create any artistic vision you may have with just airbrush makeup."

DANIEL PACINI, The Airbrush Makeup Guru

Daniel Pacini is best known in the makeup worldwide community as The Airbrush
Makeup Guru. With a background in show business and beauty journalism, Daniel
developed his interest in airbrush makeup started in 2011 when he ordered his first Dinair makeup kit to his home in Italy from the United States. Smitten by the amazing possibilities offered by this medium, Daniel started obsessively collecting every brand he could find, with a view to “making the makeup work”, and travelling extensively to the United States and the UK to research the medium directly with the creators. In 2013 Daniel started sharing his growing knowledge of airbrushing on a website called, and on its Italian translation, TruccoAerografo.Com. Teaching the technique was the next step in this journey, and now Daniel was invited in many of the best makeup Academies in Italy, and teaching privately to many established makeup artists and influencers. Daniel counts Dinair among his absolutely favourite brands, and he is always happy and proud to help promote Dinair’s vision of 100% airbrushed makeup.

Choose the Class


1 day Basic

Saturday 13.5.2023
We will cover all the basic from tools maintenance and basic skin correctiondown to contouring, blush and even basic eyeshadow.

1 day Advanced

Sunday 14.5.2023
We will take our skills to the next level, we will be teaching you everything from high contrast super glamorous eyeshadow to eyebrows, to eyeliner and even tattoo cover.

2 days Master

Saturday+Sunday 13.- 14.5.2023
You can attend just one of the two days, depending on your skills, or you can choose to make the most of it and come to both days for a better price.


or what you will learn:

1 Day Airbrush MasterClass:

  • Advanced precision exercises
  • How to create the perfect airbrushed eyeshadow from subtle blend to graphic effects
  • Airbrush eyeliner: fast and easy application
  • Under Eye Area: how to correct and conceal using airbrush only for a long lasting undetectable result
  • Infallible contouring: how to create a subtle contouring suitable for any face shape
  • Quick Tattoo Cover techniques


It is possible to bring your own make-up remover to the course if you are used to it or if you have sensitive skin (only regular drugstore brands will be available at the course)

DANIEL PACINI - Corso Aerografo

Additional information

Please note that due to the capacity of the space, seating is limited. Reservations are valid only after payment of the course fee (or deposit), so after submitting the registration form below, we recommend that you pay the fee as soon as possible, within 5 days at the latest.

Date: 1st quarter 2024 (to be specified)

Price: 199€ 

Address: DINAIR ACADEMY Thámova 9, PRAGUE (Czech Republic) 

You will get certificate + discount for Dinair airbrush makeups/products throughout the course

The course will be in English and will also be translated into Czech.

You will need a Dinair airbrush kit for the course (i.e. airbrush + compressor - Dinair brand), if you don't have it yet, you can buy it now on our e-shop (with extra 15% discount for our students - use code ACADEMY when ordering), or you can buy it and pick it up at the beginning of the course (we will have it ready for you).

DANIEL PACINI - Corso Aerografo


After submitting the registration form, we will send you a booking confirmation email with payment details within 24 hours.


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