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Workshops for makeup artists who want to learn the full face AIRBRUSH MAKEUP

The correct application is required to achieve perfect results in airbrush makeup

About Dinair Workshops

Take your career to the next level! Dinair Academy is the official training branch of the American Dinair headquarters for applicants from all over Europe..

Our courses at Dinair Academy are suitable for professionals in the beauty field. Beginning makeup artists, beauticians, or hairdressers are also welcome, interested in learning all the magic, tricks, and techniques of high definition airbrush makeup.

All Dinair workshops are completed with a Certificate of successful completion.

Airbrush makeup is a revolution, not a spell

  • We'll teach you the right techniques step by step. We're going to show you how to push the boundaries of normal makeup just by using an airbrush technique.
  • We'll show you tricks to help you improve your skills and reassure you in your work.

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Full 21 hours of  instruction

  • You'll learn "contactless" makeup as well as advanced "camouflage" airbrush techniques.
  • You'll find that makeup has never been simpler.

About Airbrush Makeup

... or why to add "airbrush makeup" to your portfolio of services on offer

Airbrush makeup uses compressed air to apply, which disperses make-up gently and evenly without visible strokes, unlike conventional makeup. This application is very effective in creating the appearance of perfect skin. Think of it as “Photoshop” in the real world. The result is soft and flawless finish. But yet the makeup is undetectable! This effect can only be achieved with airbrush makeup and only properly trained airbrush make-up artist.

Originally, airbrush makeup was a “specialty” only for actors and celebrities, because previously only film and TV MUAs had access to it. It is now available to all. The biggest increase in interest in airbrush makeup occurred in wedding makeup. More and more brides are asking for an airbrush makeup application. Professionaly trained beauty airbrush makeup artists are in high demand..

8 reasons Professionals Love Airbrush Makeup:

1. Long-wear

A proper airbrush makeup application can last 18-24 hours with no touch-ups.

2. Speed

You can do 3 full face airbrush makeup applications in the time it takes to do one traditional makeup application.

3. Flawless skin

The technology of airbrush makeup allows for your clients radiant, natural-looking, beautiful and younger skin appearance without traditional mask effect.

4. Light-weight

The first thing your client will say after being airbrushed is "it feels so light".

5. Saving money

Airbrush makeup is 10x concentrated compared to traditional makeup. Foundation usually only takes 6-12 tiny drops. Less is more!

6. Effortless blending

Airbrush is a magnificient tool that creates the most beautiful blends and gradients - from beauty to special techniques. With the proper training you can do blush, contour, highlight, eyebrows, eyeshadows and even eyeliner.

7. One tool - endless looks

All in one. If you learn all the beauty airbrush techniques right, then you'll be able to create any look. From natural to night out.

8. Sanitary

Nothing touches your clients skin making airbrush the perfect option for clients with sensitivity issues. Also, no more cleaning traditional brushes.


You can choose the 2-day or the price-advantaged 3-day Master course.

Each day we start at 10.00 a.m. and finish at 5.00 p.m.

Day 1
Basic airbrush makeup
  • airbrush product knowledge
  • ideal skin preparation
  • practice on face charts
  • airbrush makeup step by step: foundation, eyebrows, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner
  • airbrush cleaning, adjusting for ideal running
  • tips and tricks for clogged airbrush, bad spraying, etc..
Day 2
Professional airbrush makeup
  • correct, conceal, contour, highlight
  • cut-crease eyeshadow, smokey eyeshadow
  • winged eyeliner
  • bridal makeup
  • makeup for mature skin
  • photo makeup
  • full face beauty - most used shades recommendation
Day 3
Advanced airbrush techniques
  • camouflage techniques - acne, pigment spots, vitiligo, bruising, scarring...
  • how to master your beauty airbrush application
  • 48 hour tattoo coverage
  • fantasy and runway makeup with the use of stencils
  • hair and beard application
  • airbrush tanning


Over 3 years we have trained at Dinair Academy more than 400 satisfied makeup artists.

What will you need?

Comfortable clothes, a headband or a clip, yours own makeup-removing cosmetics if you are used to it or have sensitive skin (only common drugstore brands are available on the course), Dinair airbrush kit.

Airbrush kit

Participation in the course assumes your own Dinair airbrush kit. If you don't have your kit yet, you can buy it and pick it up in the beggining of a workshop, at a discounted price of 299 € (the normal price is 356 €).

Dinair trainers

Learn from the best experts. Our instructors have been trained and certified in the USA by Dinair's founder and president, Hollywood makeup artist Dina Ousley, and thus meet the quality of America's Dinair headquarters.

Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist

Veronika Sorfova

Professional makeup artist, a film and theatre makeup artist specializing in airbrush makeup. Certified Dinair trainer.

Professional makeup artist, a Czech Master of Makeup

Pavel Bauer

One of the most popular professional makeup artists with 20 years of professional experience in the field of cosmetics and makeup for fashion magazines, fashion shows, TV shows and commercials VIP consulting and education activities. Certified Dinair trainer.

Professional Makeup Artist, world vice champion in makeup

Bc. Andela Adela Bursova

Holder of many Czech and world titles in the field of make-up, for example, she is a two-time champion of the Czech Republic and a multiple finalist of the world championship in make-up. Andela is also hair stylist, art consultant and mask designer - nominated for the Czech Lion for Masks 2024. Lecturer and coordinator of creative teams. Co-owner of the make-up brand and creative production METAMORPH FX s.r.o.

Professional Airbrush Makeup Artist

Nina Beran Kupkova

Nina is an amazingly precise make-up artist and hair stylist. Her style and techniques are very modern, she works flawlessly with an airbrush and constantly follows the latest trends, styles and directions. Her focus is very broad - from make-up for fashion shows, for magazines or well-known personalities to wedding and film make-up. Thanks to her former profession - a nurse - she is second to none in her love of cleanliness and capacity for empathy.



  • interesting DISCOUNT off makeup purchases at the time of the class
  • workshop BROCHURE
  • small snacks
  • Dinair GIFT
  • possibility of further CONSULTATIONS
  • access to a counseling FACEBOOK GROUP for Dinair Academy graduates
2 day course
270 €
3 day course - Master
310 €


2 day Class

10.-11. 6. 2024
270 €
9.-10. 9. 2024
270 €

3 day Master Class

10.-12. 6. 2024
310 €
9.-11. 9. 2024
310 €

Private On-Line Course

An unique price and time-saving offer: 4-hours private online LIVE STREAMING course (One-on-One with Dinair trainer) that you can take from the comfort of home.


All courses are offered at Dinair Central Europe Ltd. adress:
Dinair Academy, Thamova 9, PRAGUE, Czech Rep.

Language: the course is in English 

Individual course date

Did you not choose any of the listed dates?
Are you a group of at least 3 people?
Contact us, we will create a special course date for you by appointment!


What do graduates say about our Dinair workshops?

.... If anyone hesitates, so stop !!!!!!! A great opportunity to present something new and effective. Everything was great! I can definitely recommend for 100%. Perfect, amazing, that's what sums up this course. Great coach Veronica, who made us improve from hour to hour. Great willingness from the owner and great interest in the students. Perfect team of trainers, and I'm not even talking about the best airbrush technique - top !
Olga ČongradyMUA, Bratislava
Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Dinair course. I've been doing makeup for years, and I wondered what the magic of airbrush makeup was - whether the technique itself, or the quality, or the products, the durability of the makeup, or the result itself. If I had to use two words, they'd be: "RIGHT AND PRECISION"!!! So all makeup artists who are interested in and yet hesitate, I can only RECOMMEND! 🙂
Petra FoltanMUA, Košice
I'm thrilled!!! I didn't expect such wonderful things and so much new knowledge. I'm no newcomer to airbrush, but Dinair I met and tried here for first time, and I love it! It does me a huge favor for photography, filming, bride and home, and everybody respond amazingly. The heart of the Czech Dinair is the amazing Karin, and you could say that thanks to her and her super team, everything is going well. She sprinkles with enthusiasm and cares fondly for her students and their airbrushes etc 🙂 Thank you for a lovely course led by Veronica and Pavel and I look forward to perhaps meeting you at some training courses 😀 I recommend to everyone where I go....I think three girls are already running towards you 🙂
Nina Beran KupkovaMUA, Prague
The course was literally on top of my expectations. I am very very happy! Thank you so much. Specific benefits? SAVING TIME, PERFECT MAKE-UP! I recommend!
Petra OlahovaMUA, Czech TV
Airbrush make-up is something that you can do very simplistically and time-wise! Equally, the quality of the result is very beautiful and the nature guaranteed. I am content with the course. My expectations were fulfilled. Perfect attitude, professionalism and a pleasant atmosphere for all days.
Nicol BaricicMUA, Beauty Studio NB Visage, Pezinok
Before the course, I was full of anticipation, but also worrying about whether I could handle the airbrush. I have to say that the concerns were unnecessary, because Veronica explained absolutely everything, gave advice and, most importantly, showed how to solve any problem, whether it's in the application, cleaning or camouflage of the underachievers on the client's skin. Training is FINALLY worth the investment, because even though I had the airbrush kit sent home first, I went through all the videos on the app, it didn't even begin to cover the application issue. I can definitely RECOMMEND and I look forward to testing Dinair airbrush on my clients.
Lenka SmejkalovaBeauty Studio LS Visage, Brno
Perfect professional attitude !!! Five stars *****
Vilem Persymake-up artist for TV Prima, Prague
The course fulfilled my expectations. Excessively! I was very surprised how fast the Airbush makeup aplicated. Trainers Veronica and Paul were great!!! I learned a lot from them. Every day was more and more interesting. It's definitely amazing that the course takes 3 days. We've learned a lot, and we've picked up a lot of experience. I'm going to start using it in my salon immediately, and I'm looking forward to hearing what my clients have to say. Airbrush will make my job easier!
Martina GalovaMUA Spisska Nova Ves
Clearly a perfect thing, both for the final consumer and certainly a super addition to the job of a make-up artist. Avesome!!! ... from makeup, to shadows, eyebrows, hair, to fantasy makeup. I can recommend airbrush makeup together with the course, and you certainly won't make a mistake.
Monika StrapkovaMUA Pilsner, Tachov
I can highly recommend the airbrush course, and I'm so glad I took it. The new makeup technique and speed is absolutely extraordinary. The amazing attitude of the excellent trainers and the owner Karin. Don't hesitate! The course will meet all your expectations.
Monika KlimovaMUA, Musy Beauty Studio Chocen

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It was an experience! Amazing! A awesome owner who advises on everything, and most of all, the best makeup artist as a coach! What more could I wish for? Thank you!
Luci LoudinovaMUA, CZ makeup Master, Cosm. studio in Tabor and Písek
Airbrush makeup is the only way to achieve a velvety and unified skin tone. Airbrush also slightly covers scars, tattoos and pigment spots. I recommend not only for wedding and evening makeup, but also for your own use in makeup at home. A little practice & you can make yourself even more beautiful.
Jana PastorkovaMUA Prague
I'm very happy to have applied for the course, to have known the new excellent makeup technique - the airbrush technique is very fast and the finish is natural. I would definitely recommend the course to expand knowledge!
Adala LochovskaMUA, Prague
I love it! I've moved on in this business again!!! Thank you very much for the time and perfect attitude. I recommend!
Jana ProuzovaBeauty Studio Ell Visage Cosmetics, Hradec Králove
I would like to thank you very much for the inclusive approach, friendly atmosphere and maximum professionalism. I learned a lot more in two days than I expected. I highly recommend this course!!!
Hana PrihodovaBeauty studio Glamour, Velke Mezirici
My expectations have served the purpose, everything has been conducted in a completely professional, friendly manner, and I am very glad to have been a part of it. Airbrush makeup will be great benefit for my work, especially for weddings and other events, and this is an absolute rarity and something new for me, which in my practice as a beautician and makeup artist I very much welcome. Airbrush make-up really lasts all day, which is totally TOP!! It's natural, creates flawless skin, saves time and my money. It looks absolutely perfect!!! I RECOMMEND YOU ALL who have a passion for makeup! ...and that range of options, colors, even on the body and hair!... I LOVE DINAIR!
Bohuslava ProkopovaMUA and beautician, Beauty Studio Jesenik

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